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Swimming Pool Appeal

Swimming Pool Appeal

Stepgates Community School Swimming Pool Appeal

The community swimming pool at the school - which was 50 years old -  was no longer functional and the pool and the pool housing were finally demolished during the summer holidays of 2015. 


After years of fundraising activities supported by the children, staff, parents, FOSS and the local community the project will start during February half term 2020!

We are almost at our target in terms of funding but with one final push we will have enough to complete the project this year.


The school is urgently fundraising to raise the last little tranche of money to make sure we can complete the project and have the pool ready for use by the Summer Term! The total cost of the project is likely to be around £150,000. 


We estimate that somewhere in the region of 100,000+ children in Chertsey have learned to swim in the Stepgates pool over the last five decades

and the new pool will provide the opportunity for children both at the school and in the wider community to acquire this life-saving skill and to improve the physical and mental health and well-being for the children of Stepgates and the local community. 


When we replace the pool we will be able to continue to make it available to the other schools in the local area for their children, as well as for pre-school swimming and external swimming clubs.

Fundraising this past year has involved many governors, parents, staff, children and the wider community in activities, organising and supporting events and we are grateful to them all especially Lucy Taylor and Gayle Naylor,
all of whom have worked tirelessly towards the goal of building a new pool at Stepgates.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts to date.

With your continued help we will bring swimming back to Stepgates!

To make a donation to this appeal, please send a cheque to the school, made payable to “Stepgates Community School”, marked “Swimming Pool Appeal” on the back. Donors will be listed on our website (unless anonymity is requested) and will be permanently commemorated in school.



For more details about the Swimming Pool Appeal please contact the school office.

Stepgates Community School
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