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Hawks Class Beach Clean

On Tuesday 26th March Hawks and Falcons Classes undertook to remove as much plastic rubbish as they could from the area surrounding Stepgates Field.

The children wrote an account of the morning and we have chosen a selection here for you to read.




On Tuesday 26th March Hawks Class went to do litter picking in the public area outside our school field. As we were walking up there I found a handbag with a child's name on it, Amber & Holly found a plastic bag from a shop and Saffir found a sushi pot. We also found a chair!



On Tuesday 26th March we went to our school field to do some litter picking. it was really fascinating seeing what stuff the naughty people had thrown over their fences and on the floor. We found loads of stuff but there is still a lot more to clean up! When we went there we were put into groups of 5 and each group got a bag to put their rubbish in. We each got a litter picker and a high viz jacket to wear.



On Tuesday 26th March Hawks Class went to the school field to do litter picking. We found lots of interesting and lots of not so nice objects. It was still very fun and we had a great time. We only had 40 minutes but we still can't believe how much stuff we found! We even found spiders, snails, slugs and ants and also found 2 footballs.



On Tuesday 26th March we went on a litter pick.  To start the day we came into school   wearing our:

  • Shirts
  • Ties
  • Jeans/Leggings/Jogging bottoms
  • Wellies
  • School shoes 

After we had a safety talk about all the important things like roads, bad litter and glass.  We left at 9:15am wearing our high viz jackets.  We all got a litter picker and went in the public spaces because strangers dump rubbish and no one in this school would dump rubbish.  All of the rubbish found in each group was then put together and chucked away.  We found big items, small items and tiny items, the big surprise was that we found five trollies and you know that trollies are pretty big.  Now I’m going to list some surprising things we have found:

  • Trollies
  • Massive posters
  • Bins
  • Gas canisters
  • Chairs

All of these things are horrible for dumping so please stop if you do think this is horrible.  If you are dumping rubbish please stop.  I know you are lovely people so please just love your environment and have fun with a great environment.


The children had a great time and learned a lot about the environment and how important it is that we all try to do something to reduce the amount of litter that is dropped or dumped. This litter may well have ended up in our rivers and finally the ocean where it can do lots of harm to the marine life and pollute the water.


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