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Eco Heroes - Update June 2019

Stepgates is aiming higher!


Our Eco Schools Council aka 'Eco Heroes' have succeeded in achieving the Bronze Eco Schools Award this year and we are fast heading for our Silver Award before the end of the summer term.


We still have lots of ideas to implement to improve our school's impact on our environment.


The Eco Schools Council agreed that we will focus on:


Goal: Improving our School Grounds with more bins, the addition of recycling & food waste bins, bug hotels, more green areas to encourage wildlife and lots more. 

Outcome: There are 4 new bins in our playgrounds (2 for recycling and 2 for non-recyclable rubbish) and our new 'Nature Garden' is almost ready for use with lots of valuable help from the local business community and Mr Williams our new site supervisor. We have purpose built composters, plants to encourage wildlife, planters for each class to plant and nurture, a log pile for studying insects and there will be a raised pool for us to investigate. 


Goal: Litter/Waste - to encourage the use of our new bins and more recycling, to reduce the amount of waste we produce that ends up in landfill,  organise a recycle awareness week in school, encourage less food waste, ask the school kitchen to stop using cling film.

Outcome: We have stopped using individual cartons from Cool Milk and are now using 4 pint bottles that are easily recyclable. We have introduced recycling bins and food waste bins in the staff room and kitchen areas. We are actively encouraging everyone to recycle more in school and at home. 


Goal: Marine - whole school art project, Spring river clean up, eco-bricks art project, increase awareness of the poor state of our rivers and oceans. 

Outcome: Both Falcons Class and the School Office staff have adopted turtles through WWF. See the board in the office for more information and turtle facts. Our Spring river clean up was a huge success; we cleared several bags of rubbish from the area behind the school field including plastics, trollies, umbrellas, food wrappers, cans and bottles. All rubbish that will now not make it's way into our waterways.


The office have named their turtle 'Tara'! Adopt a Turtle


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Click here to find out more about how SAS are fighting to protect our seas and marine life.




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