I am sure that everyone will remember the previous update, after the public meeting in February this year, in which we reported that the decision had been taken to proceed with building an outdoor pool at Stepgates. I am pleased to report that the Governors have now approved a quote from a contractor (having gone through the necessary procurement process), and work on the new pool is scheduled to begin in July 2019.

The next steps are a revised planning permission application, and some intensive fundraising! Whilst we are confident that we have access to most of the money that we will need for the building of the pool it is going to be critically important to have a final injection of funds from our school community in this coming year.  Fundraising activities for the pool have largely been on hold this year because of the uncertainty about the future of this project, but next year will see the return of events such as Big Splash Week, and the ever-popular Quiz Nights.  We would really welcome any input from people about fundraising - whether events we could do collectively as a school or individually, or potential opportunities for sponsorship/match-funding/donations from businesses.

I am very aware of the frustration felt by many parents about the time it has taken to progress a new swimming pool at Stepgates. It is a frustration that I share, as my son leaves Year 6 in a fortnight, and we have been working towards the new pool since he was in Reception.  Unfortunately, the school receives NO contribution from Surrey for this  kind of project and so every penny has to come from money we raise at events, from personal or corporate generosity or from charitable grants which we are able to win (which require volunteers to spend many hours writing and presenting bids). It is a great tribute to the dedication to this cause of the Stepgates community that we are finally so close to having the money we need to make the new pool a reality. 

For those whose children will have left the school by the time the pool is built, please bear in mind that we are creating a resource that will be part of the school fabric for decades to come (the previous pool was in use for over 50 years). Our children’s children may be pupils here benefiting from it in the future... More immediately though, it will be a resource available to clubs and teachers within the local community and there will be lots of opportunities for older children to use the pool. We also intend to create specific occasions for former pupils to enjoy the pool - think class reunion pool parties! 

Thank you once again for your continued support. Governors will keep you closely updated on the progress of the pool project over the course of the next school year.

Lucy Taylor

Vice Chair of Governors


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