Clean Hands

Our Reception children, along with Years 1 and 2, welcomed Caroline from the School Nursing Team into school on Wednesday 5th October. She spoke to each class about hand washing: when we need to wash our hands and how to wash them well. Children rubbed special cream into their hands and then the fun and excitement began. The room was darkened and children got to look at their hands under the ultra violet light, this showed where the dirt was on their hands. Children then washed their hands before they were checked again.


This practical activity was powerful as the children saw their hands dirty and then clean and the message seemed to have been taken on board. The Reception children all washed their hands beautifully before lunchtime. Year 1 came back to report ‘I washed my hands’; they were very excited and proud. A child in Year 2 reported ‘I washed my hands so well when I put my hands under the machine there was no dirt’. 


For Years 1 and 2 Caroline also showed a short clip on the flu vaccine which will be happening in school on Wednesday 12th October. If you wish to look at the clip the link is



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