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Following a happy nine years being a class teacher in Years 1 and 2 I jumped at the opportunity to be one of 18 teachers in Surrey to become a ‘Numbers Count Teacher’.


My job is extremely rewarding, I work with children in Year 2 identifying what they can do and what their next steps in Maths will be. They are taught in a fun, interactive manner where they develop Maths ideas and concepts often using lots of brightly coloured resources to support them. Within these sessions they not only develop their Maths ability; making very good progress but they also develop confidence and self-esteem which they go on to apply to all aspects of their learning.


I also teach one afternoon a week in Year 2, work with small groups of children in Year 6 supporting their Maths and work with the KS1 children supporting able children in English, Maths, Art and PE. 


Outside of school I love to bake and attend the Clandestine Cake Club every 6 weeks, this is always lots of fun, each meeting we have a different theme for the cake. I enjoy swimming and crafts: these spill into school as I find creative ways to help the children learn.


Karen Lynch

Stepgates Community School
  • Stepgates Community School
  • Stepgates, Chertsey,
  • Surrey, KT16 8HT,
  • United Kingdom
  • Telephone: 01932 563022
  • Email: info@stepgates.surrey.sch.uk
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