As many of you know there has been a pool at Stepgates Community School for over 60 years and many parents of the current pupils learned to swim there. Three years ago, when the old pool had to be decommissioned, we, the Governors of the School felt it was important to have a pool. We set up a working group to oversee the project of getting a new pool for the school. We have organised many fundraising events over the years, such as the popular Quiz Nights, Race Nights, Film Nights, Mufti Days, Big Splash Day, Enterprise Challenge through Chertsey Chamber of Commerce and many other sponsored events. We have also received donations/matched funding from the business community:

Chertsey Restaurant  o  Bates Wells, Solicitors  Sainsbury’s  o Proctor & Gamble  o  BP  o  Seymours  o  Barclays Bank

Three years ago we felt that 2016 was a realistic timeline for the start of the building of the new pool. Unfortunately due to delays with Surrey County Council demolishing the old building, which led to a delay in being able to apply for the Planning Permission, this is no longer the case and we have had to revise the expected start of the building project to 2018. As unfortunate as this is, the good news is that last year we raised a lot of money towards the pool and we have continued to raise funds this term. We will be able to add another £5,000 to our School Pool “wave” board shortly, making the total funds raised towards the pool over £56,000.

As we now have the Planning Permission, we are able to apply for grant funding and we have several promising leads. We will also be organising many more events this year, such as a Film Night for the children after school on Friday 16th December.

We are always looking for new members to join our group, either on a regular basis, or just ad hoc help, whatever suits you! If you have links with a business who would be willing to sponsor or match funds,  have ideas for events or know anyone who could help us with PR or bid writing, please contact the school office or one of the school Governors.  The more money we raise, the bigger grants we will be able to apply for and the sooner we can get the pool.

Mervi Tharani (on behalf of the Swimming Pool Working Group)


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